RENOIR, Auguste1841~1919

Auguste RENOIR《Place de la Trinité, Paris》

Auguste RENOIR
《Place de la Trinité, Paris》
《The Trinité Plaza, Paris》

circa 1875 oil, canvas 65.3×54.2cm

Auguste RENOIR《Le Bras vif à Croissy, Seine-et-Oise》

Auguste RENOIR
《Le Bras vif à Croissy》
《The Branch at Croissy》

1911 oil, canvas 31.2×53.3cm

Auguste RENOIR《Jugement de Pâris》

Auguste RENOIR
《Jugement de Pâris》
《Judgement of Paris》

circa 1913-14 oil, canvas 73.0×92.5cm

A scene where the most beautiful out of three contestants – the goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite (Venus) – is being chosen. The Trojan prince Paris has been ordered by Zeus to make the judgment, and in the end he hands the apple inscribed with “For the fairest one” to Aphrodite. The beautiful goddesses competing with each other had repeatedly been the subject of paintings by many of the old masters.

Auguste RENOIR《Femme au chapeau de paille》

Auguste RENOIR
《Femme au chapeau de paille》
《Woman with a Straw Hat》

1915 oil, canvas 27.0×20.0cm

Auguste RENOIR《Étude de nu》

Auguste RENOIR
《Étude de nu》
《Study for The Nude》

oil, canvas 32.2×42.2cm

オAuguste RENOIR《Vénus à la pomme》

Auguste RENOIR
《Le Triomphe de Vénus》
《Venus in Triumph》

1913 bronze 59.5×32.5×24.5cm

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