EBIHARA Kinosuke1856~1907

 Born in Kagoshima City, Ebihara went to Tokyo when he was a junior high school student in 1921. He studied under Ikuma Arishima, and entered the Kawabata Art School. The next year, Ebihara went to Tokyo again without graduating from junior high school. Going to Kawabata, he studied French in the Athéné Français in order to go to France. In 1923, as soon as Ebihara went to France, he visited Foujita through an introduction from Kigen Nakagawa. In1927, he was invited to the Salon de l’Escalier with Massimo Campigli and Alberto Giacometti, and was expected as a new person to lead the next generation of École de Patis. In 1928, he held an individual show in New York. Ebihara came back to Japan in 1934. He was active in the exhibition of Nika-kai and the Salon d’Automne at that time. During his stay in France, he created the series of snowy landscapes resembling the world of a fairy tale. In 1951, he established the Ebihara Art Institute in Kumamoto City. Ebihara also flourished in foreign countries. He died in Paris.


Kinosuke EBIHARA
《A Flock of Birds (Dead Trees)》

1931 oil, canvas 100.0×72.8cm

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