KAZUKI Yasuo1932~1997

 Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, KAZUKI entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1931. He exhibited his works at the Kokuga-kai where UMEHARA Ryuzaburo taught. KAZUKI worked as a teacher of fine in Hokkaido arts after graduated the school, but went home because he was in a slump in making. He was active in the Kokuga-kai and Bun-ten. After the loss of a battle in 1945, he was interned in Siberia, but two years later back to Japan. In 1965, he had spent free days for the creative activity after withdrewing the Kokuga-kai. KAZUKI went to Europe fromt1956 to 1957. He died in Misumi Town of Yamaguchi.


《Tsuwano Town, Shimane Prefecture》

1972 oil, canvas 80.0×53.0cm

Tsuwano in Shimane Prefecture depicted here is where the artist’s mother, who he was parted from as a child, had lived. The work shows Mt. Aono, symbol of Tsuwano, in the distance beyond the streets and mist seen in the lower part. Kazuki was unable to see his mother again after being demobilized, as she had died while he was a prisoner-of-war in Siberia. Thus, this area where the feminine ridgelines of Mt. Aono are highly visible, must have held all the more profound emotional attachment for him as reminding him of his mother.

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