KOIDE Narashige1887~1931

 Born in Osaka City, KOIDE was interested in the painting from childhood, and studied the Japanese-style painting under a peinter of the Shijyo school from elementary school to junior high school. In 1907, after graduating from junior high school, he took the entrance examination for the faculty of Western-style paintings in the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. He failed it, however he was allowed to enter the faculty of Japanese-style paintings. KOIDE was admitted changing to the faculty of Western-style paintings in 1909. After graduating from the school in 1914, he went back to Osaka. In 1921, KOIDE went to France, and stayed at Paris, Berlin, and South-France, after half a year, he came back to Japan. Since 1924, he taught at the Shinano-bashi Western-style Painting’s Institute. In 1926 KOIDE moved to Ashiya City, he built a part of the tops of Western-style paintings from the Taisyo era to the early Syowa era. He died there in 1931.

Narashige KOIDE《Still Life with a Globe》

Narashige KOIDE
《Still Life with a Globe》

1925 oil, canvas 47.0×68.3cm

Narashige KOIDE《Self-portrait Wearing a Hat》

Narashige KOIDE
《Self-portrait Wearing a Hat》

1928 oil, canvas 52.8×45.0cm

Common to many of Koide’s self portraits is the pose of turning toward us with his head tilted slightly up and his eyes looking to his left. From that gaze one can read the character of this painter, who harbored dispassionate insights into himself and others behind a façade of the humor for which his hometown Osaka is famous. The black hat was bought in Marseilles during a five-month tour of Europe.

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