MAETA Kanji1896~1930

 MAETA was born in Tottori Pref.. After graduating from junior high school, he moved to Tokyo, entered the faculty of Western-style paintings in the Tokyo School of Fine Arts and studied under FUJISHIMA Takeji. In 1921, MAETA graduated from the school, at the same year he won the prize at the 8th Nika Exhibition and the National Exhibition (Tei-ten) for the first time. Impressed by French art of the Ohara collection in Kurahashi, he decided to go to France, and next year arrived at Paris. In 1925 MAETA came back to Japan and helped found 1930 Society (1930-kai) with KINOSHITA Takanori, KOJIMA Zentaro, SATOMI Katsuzo and SAEKI Yuzo. In 1928, he established the MAETA Institute of Realism in his own house, and deepened the theory of fine arts. In 1929, MAETA was appointed a judge of National Exhibition (Tei-ten). He died in Tokyo.

Kanji MAETA 《Red Cap》

《Red Cap》

1925 oil, canvas 116.7×80.4cm

Maeta painted a series of female portraits as the culmination of his period of study in Paris. Many of these portraits make liberal use of black, and the present work is one of these. Here the deep black, besides vividly setting off the reds of the cap and collar, imparts a kind of transparent freshness to the model’s skin, which is enveloped in heavy-looking clothes, possibly of velvet.

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