MINAMI Kunzo1883~1950

 Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, MINAMI entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1902. He studied under OKADA Saburosuke, and graduated from there in 1907. At the same time, he went to England, and studied under Johnson Borough. In 1909, he went to France, and traveled through Europe. MINAMI came back to Japan via America in 1910. He was mainly active in the Bun Exhibition (Bun-ten), and became one of the representatives, who organized the Japan Watercolor Paintings Society, with SHIRATAKI Ikunosuke and ISHII Hakutei in 1913. MINAMI worked as a professor in the Tokyo School of Fine Arts from 1932 to 1943. After the war, he also dedicated to the art movement of Hiroshima. He died in Hiroshima.

Kunzo MINAMI《Girl Playing the Piano》

《Girl Playing the Piano》

1927 oil, canvas 80.5×100.0cm

Minami often painted everyday-life scenes of his children. The girl seated at the piano is his elder daughter Takako. A lover of music, Minami himself played the mandolin and ocarina and taught his children piano-playing. A warm interior scene, where the fabric at the side of the piano, the floor coverings, the red of the flowers, the girl’s clothes, the flower vases, and the blue of the ornamental plates, form a harmonious ensemble like so many musical tones.

Kunzo MINAMI《Morning in the Village of Highlands》

《Morning in the Village of Highlands》

1941 oil, canvas 73.0×90.5cm

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