NOGUCHI Yataro1893~1991

 Born in Tokyo, NOGUCHI entered the Kwansei Gakuin Junior High School in 1914. He started to paint from that time, and aimed to enter the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. However, he failed the entrance because of his ill health. In 1921, NOGUCHI moved to Tokyo, and he studied oil paintings under FUJISHIMA Takeji at the KAWABATA Art School. He won prizes at the 9th and 10th Nika-ten, so that he became famous as a hopeful new face. In 1929, he went to France. The French Government admired his work at the Salon d’Automn in1931. Back in Japan in 1933, NOGUCHI withdrew the Nika-kai, and became a member of the Dokuritsu Bijyutsu-kyokai. In 1945, he lost about 300 works by himself because of The Tokyo Air Raid. He went to Europe again from 1960 to 1961.He died in Tokyo.

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《View of the Port》

1965-68 oil, canvas 116.0×88.7cm

A bustling harbor scene that includes fishermen pulling their nets in. The land is painted in unexpected purple colors. The atmosphere of Noguchi’s paintings at this period, with their simplified touch and striking colors, was thus appraised by a close friend: “I get a feeling of a high mental plane akin to that in the first-rank Nanga-school painters of Edo.”

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