OKA Shikanosuke1893~1991

 OKA was brought up in Tokyo. His father is OKA Onitaro, a playwright. He studied under OKADA Saburosuke, an acquaintance of his father, when he was at the Azabu junior high school. In 1919, OKA entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, but taught himself in his atelier. He graduated from there in 1924, and went to France. He made works in the atelier of FUJITA Tsuguji. OKA was mainly active in the Salon d’Automne, and became a member of it in 1926. He came back to Japan via England and America, because the World War Ⅱ broke out. In 1940, he became a member of the Shunyo-kai, and exhibited his works at the exhibition during his lifetime. OKA also published “the Matiere of Oil Paintings” in 1953, as a result of his study about techniques of oil paintings for many years. He received the Order of Culture in 1972, and died in Tokyo.

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Shikanosuke OKA

1935 oil, canvas 80.5×100.0cm

Though this is a landscape in Auvergne, France, it looks like a dreamworld created from the painter’s imagination. He had no intention of painting a snowscape to begin with, but he writes that his self-made canvas had turned out strangely, and so “I felt like making use of that white, rather grainy, mat surface as much as I could. That’s how the snow composition occurred to me.”

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