OKADA Saburosuke1869~1939

 Born in Saga City, OKADA moved to Tokyo in 1871. He saw works of HYAKUTAKE Kaneyuki in the mansion house of the NABESHIMA Clan where he stayed in, and was interested in Western-style paintings. In 1887, he became an adopted child of OKADA Family. OKADA studied pictures under SOYAMA Sachihiko and HORIE Masaaki. In 1894, he met KURODA Seiki by KUME Keichiro, and saw works of Pleinairism. OKADA entered to Tenshin School (Tenshin-dojyo) where KUME and KURODA taught at, and took part in foundation of the White Horse Society (Hakuba-kai) in 1896. In the same year, he became an assistant professor in establishing the faculty of Western-style paintings in Tokyo School of Fine Arts, and went to France as the first overseas student of the Ministry of Education. OKADA studied under Raphaél Collin who is a master of KURODA. Back in Japan in 1902, he got a job as a professor of the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. In 1912, OKADA established the Hongo Institute of Western-style Paintings with FUJISHIMA Takeji. He brought up junior painters as a person of influence in the Western-style painting circles after that. In 1937, he received the 1st Order of Culture, and died in Tokyo.

Saburosuke OKADA 《Nude》

Saburosuke OKADA

1926 Japanese pigment, canvas 53.0×33.0cm

Saburosuke OKADA 《Nude by the Waterside》

Saburosuke OKADA
《Nude by the Waterside》

1935 oil, canvas 60.5×40.9cm

Combination with a waterside scene is a frequently employed method of depicting the nude in western art, as witnessed in paintings of the bathing figures of Diana, nymphs and so forth. Here a Japanese nude stands in the dappled sunlight of a wood. This work in the open-air (plein air) style is typical of Okada and follows in the footsteps of his masters Seiki Kuroda and Raphaël Collin.

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