SUDA Kunitaro1861~1939

 Born in Kyoto City, SUDA studied paintings under his teacher of art class in junior high school. He began to study oil paintings himself after he entered high school, and majored in aesthetics and art history at Kyoto University. SUDA went to the Kansai Art School as he was at university, but he left the university in 1919, and went to Europe. In 1923, he came back to Japan, and taught the history of arts and crafts, the next Greek art history, then the baroque theory at Wakayama Commercial High School. In 1932, he became a lecturer of Kyoto University, and taught history of the Greek sculpture. SUDA held the first individual show of works during his stay in Europe and recent at Tokyo-Shiseido Gallery in the same year. In 1934, he resigned the lecturer, and took part in the Independent Art Society with KOBAYASHI Wasaku. He taught practical skills of painting in the Kyoto Institute of the society. SUDA taught as a professor in Kyoto City University of Fine Arts from 1950 to 1960. He died in Kyoto.

Kunitaro SUDA《Mt. Hiei》

Kunitaro SUDA
《Mt. Hiei》

circa 1934 oil, canvas 73.0×91.0cm

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