YASUI Sotaro1888~1955

 Born in Kyoto City, YASUI entered to the Syogoin Western-style Painting’s Institute, ASAI Chu taught in his residence, in 1904. In 1906, as soon as Kansai Art School was found by absorbing the institute, he moved to the art school. The next year, YASUI went to France with TSUDA Seifu, the fellow student, and studied at the Académie Julian under Jean-Paul Laurens, who is a virtuoso of historical painting, by introduction of KANOKOGI Takeshiro. He came back to Japan in 1914, published 44 works during his stay at Europe, and shocked the painting circles. In 1935, YASUI became a member of the National Art Academy (Teikoku Bijyutsu-in), and withdrew Nika Society (Nika-kai). The next year, he took part in the foundation of Issui Society (Issui-kai). YASUI worked as a professor of Tokyo School of Fine Arts from 1944, and received the Order of Culture with UMEHARA Ryuzaburo in1952. He died in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1955. “YASUI Award” had been established by the profit of his osthumous work’s exhibition from 1956 to 1997.

Sotaro YASUI《Studio》

Sotaro YASUI

1926 oil, canvas 128.8×160.5cm

For several years after 1926, we find Yasui’s family – an unusual subject for him – appearing in his canvasses. Thereby he was able to emerge from the unproductive period that had lasted some 10 years after his return to Japan. This work in the manner of a commemorative photograph depicts the artist’s family, who had come to his studio on a visit. Alongside them appears a nude woman, who looks as if she has sneaked into the scene and gives it a unique atmosphere.

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