Hiroshima Museum of Art


Pablo PICASSO1881-1973

A Spanish painter active in France, who contributed the 20th century European art. He is famous as a painter who developed the Cubism with Braque, his works, however, included many different themes such as an agony and desire, anger and joy, love and gender, war and peace.


1900 pastel on paper 38.5*53.8 cm


Two Women at a Bar
Deux Femmes au bar

1902 oil on canvas  80.0*91.5 cm


Bust of Woman (Fernande)
Buste de femme (Fernande)

1909 oil on canvas  93.0*74.0 cm


Four Bathing Women
Quatre Baigneuses

1920 pastel on paper  49.5*64.5 cm



1921 oil on canvas  27.5*21.8 cm


Paul, the Artist's Son of Two Years, with His Lamb
Paul, fils de l'artiste, à deux ans, avec son agneau

1923 oil on canvas  130.0*97.0 cm


Woman Holding Her Hands
Femme aux mains jointes

1959 oil on canvas  72.5*59.8 cm


Bust of Woman
Buste de femme

1970 oil on canvas  116.0*89.0 cm