Hiroshima Museum of Art

IRIE Hakou

IRIE Hakou1887-1948

A Japanese-style painter of the Kyoto circle. He was active chiefly in the Koku-ten (the National Creative Painting Association). After the association broke up, he concentrated on studies for Butsu-ga (paintings for Buddhism) and ancient paintings in Japan, teaching at the Kyoto City School of Art and Crafts and the Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting. In his late, he created many sophisticated Shiboku-ga (paintings by India-ink), dealing in making the replica of the wall paintings in Kondo (the Golden Pavilion) of the Horyu-ji Temple.

Nenohi Asobi (A New Year Event in the Heian Era)

color on paper, hanging scroll 75.7*76.0 cm



India ink on paper, hanging scroll 66.9*30.6 cm



Hawk on a Pine Tree

India ink on silk, hanging scroll 143.0*51.0 cm